Monday, February 27, 2006

Maribel being fed by the person behind her...a game at the Saturday youth club.


Javier and Leni are a couple from the Jungle who just came here from Seminary in Lima and work with us at the kids club. We love them!

This is Rogger.

Friday, February 24, 2006

a quick update...

Wow. Things have been busy this month. Susanna and I just moved last week and that was crazy. But we had a ton of great helpers from church to paint and move furniture and hook up the washing machine and just tie up all the loose ends we would never have thought to plan for. It made for some fun lunches in the backyard with some older men and teenage boys from the church, and it was great to get to know them better. And taking breaks for Kola Real and conversation was a highlight as well. So now we are settled into our cute house and loving it.

It is the last and most intense weekend of Carnaval here, where everyone throws water balloons, shoots water guns, and pours buckets of water on total strangers in the street. We have gotten off pretty easy but just now on my way to the internet cafe, two guys tried to get me, but they missed!

I will start work at Promesa school next month, working in an English class with 4 year olds! This will be a new and challenging experience, but one I am really looking forward to as well. My art group is really getting going, and this Saturday we start on a longer project of Papier mache footed bowls...we'll see how they turn out!

Please pray for me in this busy time that I will take time to really listen to the Lord and what he is trying to teach me, and that I will do things well even though preparation time is getting harder to come by.

Thanks for keeping up with me and feel free to keep the mail coming! It makes my day. I will post some pictures of the new house and from this afternoon's Carnaval festivities with the little kids soon.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

La Paz, Bolivia

We had to leave the country to get our visas renewed, so Susanna, Andrew and I went to La Paz, Bolivia last week. It was nice to be in a big city with more American-type comforts and some fun shopping, but it was really great to be back to Cusco with all its charm and safety! I did buy a nice coat since I came here without much for cold weather and it's awfully cold here compared to what I'd prepared for in Lima.

This one is out at dinner one night. I got a traditional Bolivian dish with beef covered with two fried eggs over rice and fried potatoes. It was pretty good.

Susanna and me downtown.

me and Andrew downtown.

We found real donuts!

This was the view from the bus home. We rode for 12 hours all through the Andes Mountains. It was beautiful.

this guy got on the bus about 8 hours into the trip and played a few songs, which was a welcome diversion - he was pretty good!

Friday, February 03, 2006

We found the Bolivian equivalent of a Frappuccino! Posted by Picasa