Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Quechua people waiting to be seen. This traditional dress is very common both n the country and in town. But in and around Cusco, it is just as common to see American-style dress. It's a total mix for the most part.Posted by Picasa

we set up clinic here. each stall was like a room to see patients. Posted by Picasa

cute. Posted by Picasa

we got to ride for like 30 minutes down the mountain in the back of a truck because the road was blocked and our bus couldn't get by! this is actually a fairly common occurance here. Posted by Picasa

my new friend Kristy and me downtown. Posted by Picasa

this is right outside of one of our 'clinics'. Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 17, 2006

Seeing patients

This week Susanna and I got to help translate for a group of 55 doctors and medical students from Christian Medical and Dental Association of the University of Oklahoma. I certainly never thought my Spanish would be good enough to be of any help, but I learned a ton and the Peruvians who came with us were really patient and helpful! Many of the patients we saw spoke only Quechua, the native Indian language here in Peru, so we had to have Peruvians translate into Spanish, and then Susanna, Andrew and I, and the other English/Spanish speakers would relay to the doctors. It was such a neat picture of the Body of Christ, how we each had our own part in getting information across. We got to talk with all of the patients about Christ and prayed with them all as well. We met many believers who were so encouraged by us being there, and a number of people prayed to receive Christ! The patients were so incredibly thankful to have medical attention. One woman walked for 7 hours to see a doctor! Even receiving vitamins was a huge encouragement to them. It was so encouraging and convicting at the same time to see how these people live and how thankful they are when God sends them the practical help and attention they need.

It was really fun getting to know the team. We got to go out to dinner with them last night for their 'banquet', and it was like we were kids on the last day of camp - so sad to say goodbye, and exchanging emails and everything! It was great.

Once again, God had me do something I NEVER thought I would do, and it was such a blessing to be used by Him in this way.

This is my group with a family we saw.

cute old men waiting to be seen.

This is team 1 - the team I worked with all week. This is right outside of where we set up clinic on Tuesday!

Me and Kristy at 14,000 feet.

our team at 14,000 ft.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

out to our favorite restaurant - Los Perros - for Susanna's birthday. Posted by Picasa

Javier, Wilbur and Leni. Posted by Picasa

grilling. Posted by Picasa
So the following pictures are a little mixed. Some are from our recent 'paseo' this past Saturday to Pata Pata. It is basically a big field a little bit outside of town where we took the youth from our Saturday club for the day. We played a lot of games, sang and had a devotional time, cooked hot dogs on a fire, and had a great time. Other pictures are from regular Saturday club days, and of the younger children helping me set up for dinner on those days. They are so helpful and it is really a neat time to work with them and encourage them in their helpfulness.
Even more pictures are from our planning meetings with the Peruvian seminary grads who help us out with the Saturday club, and one fun night when we grilled hamburgers on our new grill in the backyard!
Things are going wonderfully. I started yesterday at Promesa Colegio, a bilingual Christian school here in Cusco. Classes begin next week and I will be helping out with the 4 and 5 year olds in English. This is already a really encouraging and exciting experience for me. The other people who work at the school are really neat and have been so welcoming. It is so funny to me that God has me here doing - and loving - so many new things that I never thought I would do.
Thanks so much for your continued support and prayers. I am learning a ton and seeing God work in so many lives. It is such a privilege to be here and I thank you all for your part in getting and keeping me here.

working hard. Posted by Picasa

Americo, Raul and me. Posted by Picasa

Americo washing dishes. He is always so helpful and sweet.  Posted by Picasa

Ruthie and me. Posted by Picasa

ha. what can I say? Posted by Picasa

Andres cooking...or something. Posted by Picasa

resting a bit after lunch. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 06, 2006

the view from Pata Pata Posted by Picasa

any game with water ballons is a hit here. Carnaval went on the entire month of February and they use any excuse or medium they can to get people wet!Posted by Picasa